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Peopleware leadership book review

Peopleware by Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister – How to successfully lead in the software industry – leadership book review

Progress Rating: 5/5
Category: Management (Software Industry)
Why leaders should read it: Management in the software industry presents distinct challanges. From how to approach recruiting to how the office should be built in order to boost productivity, Peopleware presents a complete overview of the entire software management process. The book is written as a series of essays on the various ways that software companies and projects go right and wrong. Each chapter has some prescriptive advice that could be used in order to begin a sensible reconstruction of a project, a division, or a whole organization.
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Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday – a vaccine against failure in leadership – leadership book review

Progress Rating: 3/5
Category: Personal Development (Teaching humility and modesty)
Why leaders should read it: It teaches leaders why modesty is more important today than ever and what advantages a quiet leader has in our interconected world. We are also presented with a lot of history tales about how successful and unsuccessful leaders managed their ego.

‘Ego Is The Enemy’ is a valuable book for leaders. There is a lot to learn for someone who is at the beginning of his leadership journey, and this book can help with setting up a good mindset and shaping a healthy way of thinking about this position before being influenced by other unfair events or people with their own agenda. But also, during every leader’s career, there will be times when things are not going so well and times when everything seems to be working perfectly. Both of this cases are turning points during which great leaders think and act in the best way possible in order to keep the motivation and raise the happiness of their teams and companies.
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Daring Greatly by Brené Brown – how to embrace vulnerability as a leader – leadership book review

Progress Rating: 4/5
Category: Personal Development (Understanding vulnerability)
Why leaders should read it: It teaches leaders why they must embrace vulnerability and discomfort, how to give great feedback and what to do in order to have a very open, communicative and efficeint team

After more than a decade of studying the topic, Brené Brown presents in this groundbreaking book her take on vulnerability and how understanding it better will help us live a more fulfilled life and increase our contributions to our family, school, job or other communities we are part of.
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Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup – leadership book review

Progress Rating: 5/5
Category: Thriller | Biography
Impression: tackles some serious ethical questions, but it is ultimately a thriller with a tragic ending. It’s a fun read full of bizarre details that will make you gasp out loud. The story almost feels too ridiculous to be real at points

Biographies of great achievers can be a great source for inspiration. They can not only teach us resilience and strategy, but we can also see that every great individual who managed to achieve some ambitious goals had his faith tested several times along the way. Their vision combined with a burning desire and backed by discipline, hard work and people skills are the reasons why we now have great things that we take for granted, which can include: the incandescent light bulb, the antibiotics, the airplane, or the smartphone.
But what happens if, for a bright Stanford student with great resilience, sales skills and connections, being remembered as a great inventor like Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, The Wright brothers or Steve Jobs is more important than helping the world with a revolutionary discovery? This is the true and tragic story of Elizabeth Holmes and the company she so desperately wanted to become a success: Theranos.
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Measure what matters – OKRs in action – leadership book review

Progress Rating: 3/5
Category: Leadership & management
Impression: A good book on how successful corporations use new management concepts in order to get the best results. Also includes a small history of management techniques

The book gives detailed information about how a lot of companies ranging from small startups to big corporations (like Intel and YouTube) managed to scale, improve revenue or achieve ambitious goals by using a more effective approach of goal setting called OKR (Objectives and Key Results) that improves the process of planning, progress tracking and keeping accountability.
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The Brain: The Story of You book review

Progress Rating: 5/5
Category: Biology and Neuroscience
Impression: A great book about the brain written for the general audience. An easy read filled with a lot of interesting stuff

The more we study our brain, the more we understand ourselves and our actions. What we are now, what we accept to be true and what we love are things that are deeply connected with the way our brain is wired. As individuals, studying the brain will help us make better decisions for our future as we become more disciplined and more aware about the amazing problem solving machine we have at our disposal. As a community, studying the brain will change the way we look at education, politics, and the future of the humanity. In that microscopic circuit of the brain is written the history and the future of our species.
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